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Petition Paving Process
If you and your neighbors are interested in seeing some improvements such as street paving, bike paths, improved drainage, streetlights, sidewalks, or other improvements, the below listed information will help you in that process by using the County Special Improvement Programs.
Petition Paving Procedures

The first step is to put together a special petition and get at least 66.7% of the property owners in the area involved to sign it. Petition forms are available at the County Administration Office, 1801 27th Street, Vero Beach 32960-3388 or print the form online.

The petition must contain:

  • Designation of the proposed boundaries to the area to be improved.
  • General description of improvements desired.
  • Statement of the total number of feet or property to be benefited by the improvements.
  • Legal descriptions of petitions; property opposite their signatures.
  • Property ownership map of the benefited area.
  • Name, address and telephone number of individual who will act as official representative of the petitioners.

Once the petition is in order, present it to the County Administrator's Office. The County Administrative staff will evaluate it, assist in further completion, prepare a total cost estimate, and present staff recommendations to the County Commission.


The County Commission may create necessary special improvement districts on its own initiative without petitions from affected residents.


The Commission will review the request, define the area to be included in the special improvement district, and direct staff to prepare a resolution and preliminary assessment roll. The ordinance will include the nature of the proposed improvements, the total estimated costs, and the method of payment. The roll will spell out how much each property owner is scheduled to pay for the entire project on each lot or parcel he owns in the benefited area.


After proper notification the County Commission will conduct a public hearing on the proposed ordinance and assessment roll.
Before the hearing, each affected property owner is notified about the nature of the proposed improvements, the total amount he is scheduled to pay on each lot or parcel he owns, and the date, time and place of the public hearing. At the hearing, each property owner will have a chance to comment about the project and assessment. The Commission will then adopt or reject the project by majority vote on the proposed ordinance and preliminary assessment roll.


After adop0tion of the ordinance, the improvement project is placed on the Special Improvement List and scheduled for the work to begin. The work will be done either by the Department of Public Works or on a contract basis. When the actual work is started depends on two factors: the availability of funds in the Special Improvements Account and the position the project has on the work list.


On or after the Public Hearing to consider the preliminary assessment roll, the Commission shall annul, sustain, or modify the preliminary assessment roll. The final assessment will not be in excess of the special benefit to the property assessed.


All bills are due within 90 days after the final assessment roll is approved. Bills not paid within that period become payable in equal annual installments over a period fixed by the County Commission at an interest rate set by the County Commission. Property owners paying on installments may pay the entire bill at any time, with interest accrued to the date of payment.

If you have any questions about the County's Special Improvement Program (Ordinance No. 81-27) contact the Public Works Department (772)567-8000.

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