Come Party With us

Everyone loves a party! Why not choose the Gifford Aquatic Center for your next party or family reunion?Select a combination of rentals from meeting rooms to pool.

To schedule your party, contact the Gifford Aquatic Center at (772) 226-1175.

RENTAL OPTIONS: All rentals require a refundable deposit of $50.00 (room/small deck use) and $150.00 (entire facility). This deposit will be returned to you in the form of a check after all parties have met all agreements. A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required for deposit refund.

- If you exceed the amount of people included in your rental, the daily admission fee will be charged per person towards the total rental price.
- Parties with more than 65 people will pay the $75.00 per hour rate.

Individual Rentals
Inside air-conditioned room
$35.00 hour
Outside Deck - shade structure
$30.00 hour
Outside Deck only
$25.00 hour
Rentals Include:
1st Hour Admission for 10 people
2ndHour Admission for 20 people
3rd Hour Admission for 30 people

Entire Facility Rental During Regular Business Hours
Entire Facility (closed to the public)
$175.00 hour

Entire Facility Rental After Regular Business Hours
$150.00 hour
$175.00 hour